Transactional Serverless Computing

A simpler, more secure way to build fault-tolerant cloud applications, powered by the revolutionary cloud-native DBOS operating system.

Fault-tolerant TypeScript code execution made easy

DBOS Cloud is a revolutionary serverless software platform rooted in research from MIT and Stanford.

Transactional serverless computing in TypeScript
DBOS sets a new standard for serverless computing with these unique advantages:

Powered by a modern OS

Based on 3 years of joint MIT-Stanford open source R&D, DBOS revolutionizes cloud-native architecture:

  • OS services implemented on top of a distributed DBMS
  • Built-in transactional, fault-tolerant state management
  • Simplifies the stack: no need for containers, cluster management, workflow orchestration,...
  • Seamless scaling, high performance, and high availability
  • Metrics, logs, traces stored in SQL-accessible tables
  • Smaller cyber attack surface, cyberattack self-detection, and cyber-resilience

“Fault-tolerance, multi-node scaling, state management, observability and security get much easier because the OS is doing more for you.”

Mike Stonebraker

DBOS co-founder and CTO, creator of Postgres

Decorate - Deploy - Debug

Easily make your new or existing TypeScript code fault tolerant, scalable, and cyber-resilient.

DBOS debugger icon

DBOS Transact

An open source TypeScript framework for building robust database applications with guaranteed once-and-only- once execution. Run DBOS Transact applications locally or on DBOS Cloud.

DBOS Cloud icon

DBOS Cloud

Deploy TypeScript code to DBOS Cloud via the DBOS Transact framework. Fault-tolerant, scalable execution platform with built-in state management.

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Time Travel Debugger

Speed up troubleshooting by stepping through the execution of your code to examine how state changed over time. Make code changes and rerun.

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