Transactional Serverless Computing

A simpler, more secure way to build scalable, fault-tolerant cloud-native applications.
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Why Run Your Code on the DBOS Platform?

DBOS enables stateful serverless computing, making it easier to build, scale, and secure TypeScript applications that are resilient to failure.

DBOS Cloud vs. AWS Lambda comparison

DBOS vs. AWS Lambda

Learn how the DBOS architecture makes stateful workflow execution possible for 15x less than AWS Lambda & AWS Step Functions.

DBOS Transact Framework Live Walkthrough

Simplicity: DBOS Transact Code Walkthrough

Learn how the open source DBOS Transact framework simplifies resilient TypeScript app development.

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Based on MIT-Stanford open source R&D

Co-founded by the creators of Postgres & Apache Spark, DBOS aims to radically simplify today's complex cloud stack.

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The DBOS Platform

Develop with DBOS Transact. Deploy to DBOS Cloud. Troubleshoot with the DBOS Time-travel Debugger.

DBOS Transact

Open source TypeScript framework for building resilient applications with guaranteed once-and-only-once execution.

DBOS Cloud

Serverlessly deploy stateful applications to the cloud. Fault-tolerant, scalable execution platform with built-in state management.

Time Travel Debugger

Speed up troubleshooting by stepping through your code as it executed at any time in the past. Make code changes and rerun.

“Fault-tolerance, multi-node scaling, state management, observability and security get much easier because the operating platform is doing more for you.”

Mike Stonebraker

DBOS co-founder and CTO, creator of Postgres

Transactional serverless computing in TypeScript
DBOS sets a new standard for serverless computing with these unique advantages:

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