drastically rethinking the way people build distributed applications

DBOS - The cloud-native operating system

Run the os on the database

Not the other way around


Rooted in research at MIT and Stanford, DBOS is using the database as the foundation of the most modern operating system we can imagine.


DBOS embraces the popularity of microservices architectures, and delivers infrastructure that is elastic and serverless, but also stateful.


DBOS minimizes infrastructure surface area, and therefore its vulnerabilities. Its unique approach to system state allows for nearly instantaneous resilience.

DBOS research papers

Reinventing cloud-native Development

DBOS is a revolutionary system software stack rooted in research from MIT and Stanford.

built on a new os

The DBOS cloud platform runs OS services on top of the DBMS instead of the other way around. This "upside-down" approach is intrinsically simple, resilient, and secure because it leverages the robustness and scalability of modern databases.

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serverless that works

Build applications using a TypeScript framework built on the database that helps you develop applications that are reliable by default. You can try out DBOS Operon today, then serverlessly deploy your applications to the DBOS cloud platform with the push of a button when it launches in early 2024.

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debugging made easy

Using the DBOS time-travel debugger (to be released in early 2024), you can “rewind time” to replay any scenario that occurred in a DBOS application for faster issue resolution.

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