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DBOS is a serverless platform that radically simplifies back-end development.
Build with TypeScript and Postgres. Deploy to the cloud with the push of a button

Build with DBOS Transact,
Scale to Millions on DBOS Cloud

Build your application back-end with the open-source TypeScript framework. You code the business logic; DBOS Transact makes it performant, resilient, and observable. Reduce coding 10x. Run and test locally.

DBOS Transact

Serverlessly deploy your app to the cloud. Scale to millions of users with the push of a button--with monitoring, time-travel debugging, point-in-time restore, blazing fast performance, and more. Start for free.

DBOS Cloud

Why Build on the DBOS Platform?

DBOS enables stateful serverless computing, making it easier to build, scale, and secure TypeScript applications that are resilient to failure.

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Webcast On-Demand:

DBOS co-founder, Dr. Mike Stonebraker explains how advances in cloud application architecture increase software productivity 10x.

DBOS Cloud vs. AWS Lambda comparison

DBOS vs. AWS Lambda

Learn how the DBOS architecture makes stateful workflow execution possible for 15x less than AWS Lambda & AWS Step Functions.

DBOS Transact Framework Live Walkthrough

DBOS Transact Code Walkthrough

Learn how the open source DBOS Transact framework simplifies resilient TypeScript app development.


“With DBOS, developers are an order of magnitude more productive because you only write your app, the platform does the rest.”

Mike Stonebraker

DBOS co-founder and CTO, creator of Postgres

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