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DBOS Cloud is a transactional serverless application platform for TypeScript developers that runs on DBOS, the world’s only cloud-native operating system.
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The Transactional Serverless Application Platform

DBOS Cloud is a transactional serverless application platform for TypeScript developers--powered by DBOS, the world’s first cloud-native operating system.

DBOS Cloud is a TypeScript transactional programming environment that enhances applications  with automatic statefulness, transactionality, observability, and cyber-resilience. This is all made possible by a revolutionary new cloud-native operating system, DBOS, that puts a distributed DBMS in the kernel of the OS. This unique architecture makes fault-tolerant cloud-native application development much simpler, faster, and less costly.

  • It's simple. Write your business logic and use the open source DBOS Transact TypeScript framework to decorate your code with transaction and workflow definitions. Test your code locally, and then, with the click of a button, deploy it to DBOS Cloud for scalable, fault-tolerant execution.
  • It's reliable by default. If your workflows are interrupted for any reason, they will always resume from where they left off. Reliable message delivery is built in. Idempotency is built in.
  • It makes debugging easy. With the time travel debugger, you can "rewind time" and replay any DBOS Cloud trace locally on your computer, exactly as it originally happened. It's a must-have for fast troubleshooting and auditing.
  • It's cyber-resilient. Time travel enables you to roll back OS and application state to before a cyber attack or any other disaster, and then replay everything except the problematic transactions. The OS stores all metrics, logs, traces in encrypted SQL-accessible tables, which simplifies observability.

Open source DBOS Transact

Develop applications in Typescript and PostgreSQL with the open-source DBOS Transact TypeScript framework, then deploy them with a push of a button to DBOS Cloud, or run and test them locally on any platform.

DBOS Cloud

DBOS Cloud provides hosting and execution of TypeScript code deployed from the DBOS Transact TypeScript framework.  

  • Auto-scaling, serverless code execution
  • Guaranteed, once-and-only-once transactions
  • Provisions Postgres database for your application data (or bring your own DB)
  • Metrics, logs, traces stored in SQL-accessible tables
  • Monitoring dashboard
  • Access control
  • Runs on Amazon

DBOS Time Travel Debugger

DBOS Cloud automatically records every step an application takes and every change it makes in the database. The Time Travel Debugger uses this information to "rewind time" and display state as it existed when a selected workflow originally ran. You can even execute database queries that return results as if they ran in the past.

  • Make troubleshooting fast and easy
  • Meet compliance and audit requirements - see every state change for any run of your code
  • Set breakpoints
  • Inspect variables
  • Step through your code
  • Interactively query the state database as you step through your code.
  • VS-Code or CLI debugging interfaces

Powered by the world's first cloud-native OS

Based on 3 years of joint MIT-Stanford open source R&D, DBOS revolutionizes cloud-native architecture:

  • Simplifies the stack - no need for containers, orchestration, workflow engines, state machines,...
  • OS services implemented on top of a distributed DBMS
  • Seamless scaling & high availability
  • Stores all state locally
  • Metrics, logs, traces stored in SQL-accessible tables
  • Smaller cyber attack surface
  • Cyber-resilience & self healing
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