The Back-End Framework for TypeScript

DBOS Transact is an open source TypeScript framework that makes building back-ends simple. Develop locally, deploy anywhere.

Works with Your Favorite Tools

From the Creator of Postgres

Mike Stonebraker

DBOS co-founder and CTO,
Creator of Postgres

Mike Stonebraker describes how
DBOS Transact reduces coding by 10x

Deploy to DBOS Cloud, Scale to Millions

Deploy your DBOS Transact applications to DBOS Cloud with a single click, and enhance them with:

  • Blazing fast serverless performance
  • Auto-scaling
  • Automatic restart & resume
  • Time-travel debugging
  • Point-in-time DB and app restoration
  • And more...
Use DBOS Cloud for Free

DBOS Cloud runs applications 25x faster and 15x more cost-effectively than AWS Lambda & Step Functions.

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