Building Crash-proof Apps on DBOS

On-Demand Video Tutorial

DBOS solutions architect Alex Poliakov shows you how to use DBOS Transact TypeScript framework and DBOS Cloud to develop database applications that are not only resilient to failure, but easier to build and more secure.

There are so many ways that cloud apps can fail! What if there’s a crash after you collect payment but before you fulfill the order? What if an outage makes it impossible to either proceed or compensate? What if your call to the external API never returns? What if there’s a cyber attack? What if your user presses the “back” button at just the wrong time? Here's what Alex covers in this video tutoral:

  • Primer: DBOS & Transactional Serverless Computing - what & why
  • Demo: Building a crash-proof application with the DBOS Transact framework 
  • How to get started with DBOS
    • From zero to online app in less than 5 minutes
    • Monitoring with push-button dashboards
    • Time-travel debugging 
  • Q&A
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